Reuters analyse le système de retraite français

07/03/2013, classé dans

Philippe Crevel a été interrogé par Catherine Bremer journaliste de l’agence Reuters au sujet de la réforme des retraites. Cet article analyse le système français de retraites et les problèmes de financement que doit résoudre le Président François Hollande.

Anxious to avoid the fury that greeted his predecessor’s pension reforms, President Francois Hollande will ask more of old people to fix the hole in French retirement coffers but tread gently in doing so. Even a softly-softly approach will mark the first time a left-wing president has dared to tamper with a system which is one of the sacred cows of France’s model of generous welfare provision. A plan in the works will likely leave intact the official retirement age of 62 but trim annual pension rises, buying Hollande time to try and coax people in their 50s and 60s to work a few more years, officials working on the project say.

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